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Monday, May 09, 2016

Former Mexican president: Trump ‘lying’ to Latino

The Hill
By Mark Hensch
May 6, 2016

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says Donald Trump’s outreach to Latinos is a lie.

“His egocentric position has not changed,” Fox told Univision on Friday.

“Sitting down on Cinco de Mayo, eating an American taco, not a Mexican taco, and saying ‘I love you Hispanics?' That’s lying again. That’s looking for TV. That’s not real.”

Trump on Thursday shared an image of him with a taco salad, saying the meal was to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

“Happy Cinco de Mayo,” the photo’s caption said. "The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower. I love Hispanics!”

Fox said Trump’s overtures ring hollow.

“We’re not what he said,” he said of Mexico. "We’re not criminals, we are not bandits or anything like that. Mexico is a nation that is progressing, that is a very solid partner of the United States.

“We don’t need walls. It’s a stupid investment, and if he’s a businessman, he should understand that the money will not have a return.”

Fox added that Trump must cooperate with Congress if he wants to stop illegal immigration.

“The answer to migration is Congress,” he said. "There is a bill presented in Congress for immigration reform that is very profound, very complete, that brings solutions to every aspect of migration. I guess he has never read, he doesn’t even know that that bill is in Congress. That will bring the solution.”

Fox on Thursday invited Trump to Mexico, softening his tone on the real estate tycoon, who earlier this week became the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee.

The former Mexican leader shocked listeners in February by vowing that his nation would “not pay for that f---ing wall,” referring to Trump's frequent calls for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

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