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Friday, May 13, 2016

Immigration Activists Protest Trump, Deliver Taco Bowls to GOP

NBC News
By Suzanne Gamboa
May 12, 2016

Immigration activists protested presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the GOP officials meeting with him on Capitol Hill Thursday with taco bowls and a coffin.

Frank Thorp V ‏@frankthorp: VIDEO: Protesters drop a fake coffin outside the RNC during Trump's visit, holding a sign saying "RIP GOP":

Along with a coffin symbolizing the death of the GOP, protestors presented taco salads bought at a U.S. Senate cafeteria to GOP Senate members.

America's Voice @AmericasVoice: .@SenatorKirk is #WithTrump so we're sending him a #TacoBowl. #TrumpsParty

Latino Victory: ‎@latinovictoryus: We will remember you @RepJeffDenham ! #TrumpsPartyhttps://twitter.com/UFWupdates/status/730808050689310720 …

America's Voice ‎@AmericasVoice: GOP: When you support Trump, you get ALL of Trump. And remember, you're eating thanks to immigrants. #TrumpsParty

The salads mocked the "taco bowl" tweet that Trump sent on May 5, Cinco de Mayo, sitting in front of a taco bowl with the comment "I Love The Hispanics."

Donald J. Trump ‎@realDonaldTrump: Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10157008375200725:0 …

Adam Luna, a spokesman for United We Dream, said members from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. protested in front of the Republican National Committee offices as Trump was meeting with RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

Luna said the coffin symbolized that Trump was the "final nail in the coffin" for the GOP with the immigrant community. The protesters followed with a stop at Mitch McConnell's office and distribution of the taco bowls to about a dozen GOP Senate and House members who they identified as supporting Trump's nomination.

"Does the likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump fail to recognize the people who feed him? It's the work of farm workers who feed Trump and the nation," Giev Kashkooli a United Farm Workers vice president said in a statement. "We feed you Trump! But we won't vote for Trump or any Republican who stands with Trump and disrespects us and the work we do feeding America."

America's Voice ‎@AmericasVoice: .@SenateMajLdr is #WithTrump so we're sending him a #TacoBowl. #TrumpsParty

"These taco bowls should serve as a reminder to senators who support Trump, that the Trump effect will be felt in down ballot races. Latino and immigrant voters will hold Trump's Party accountable," said Cristobal Alex, president and CEO of Latino Victory Project/Fund.

This is not the first time immigrant activists have delivered food as part of a protest. In 2013, when Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said immigrants had calves the size of canteloupes because they haul drugs across the desert, the activists delivered him and other Republicans canteloupes.

Pili Tobar ‎@pilitobar87: @JimGerlach refused our cantaloupe, wah wah WE WANT A VOTE ON CITIZENSHIP #p2cantaloupes #immigration

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