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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

LA mayor: 'Donald Trump will not win California'

The Hill
By Rafael Bernal
May 24, 2016

The mayor of Los Angeles said presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will not win in California in the fall, calling him an extreme candidate who should not be “normalized.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti said Trump doesn't represent Californian values and predicted that he will have limited electoral success in the state.

"Donald Trump will not win California," Garcetti said in a press call with reporters Tuesday when asked about some Republicans' hopes to turn California red.

Trump began his campaign in June by declaring that Mexican immigrants "bring crime" and are "rapists."

"He's a racist, he's a bigot, he's sexist," Garcetti said.

Garcetti said Trump's positions on immigration and the economy mean "it's going to be a very clear election, no matter who our nominee is," referring to the ongoing Democratic presidential primary battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Some Democrats worry – and Trump seems confident – that his overlap with Sanders on issues like free trade and a similarly anti-establishment campaign will draw some of the Vermont senator’s supporters to vote for him over Clinton. And the acrimony between Democratic candidates has further fueled that perception.

But Garcetti said social issues and immigration policy will help Democrats retain young voters, adding that "millennials are smart about their finances," and perceive "a kind of recklessness" in Trump.

Trump will visit California Wednesday, ahead of the state's June 7 primaries. A previous visit to California in April detonated violent protests against Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric.

Henry Vandermeir, chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, said he hopes things will be cooler this time around.

"This time hopefully if there are going to be people down there they're going to be a little bit more laid back about things and not be so tense,” he said.

California overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in 2012, and a recent poll puts Clinton up by 14 points over Trump in the state.

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