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Friday, November 13, 2015

Donald Trump Hate Map Tracks Xenophobic Attacks From His Supporters

By Cindy Casares
November 12, 2015

This map documents incidents where Latinos and immigrants in the U.S. have been harassed or physically assaulted by Trump supporters or, in some cases, Trump himself. The map comes with a timeline of events, but here are some highlights.

During an August rally in Mobile, Alabama, Trump threw out his usual anti-Mexico, border wall, dog whistle hate-speech when some perro in the crowd of thousands actually answered with, "White Power!" At the same rally, an audience member joked with the Alabama paper of record that hunting immigrants at the border could be a new source of tourism dollars for the U.S.

"The way I see it they ought to make it a vacation spot," Jim Sherota said. "OK, you want to come to the border, $25 for a permit, you can shoot all the people you want that cross illegally."

Then, of course, who could forget the infamous Jorge Ramos incident in Dubuque, Iowa that same month? The Univision veteran and award-winning news anchor was ejected from the event and told by a Trump supporter to "get out of my country. This isn’t about you."

A few days later, the same security guard that physically pushed Ramos out of that press conference snatched a Trump protestor’s sign in New York City before hitting him on the side of the head.

No doubt inspired by the Dubuque incident, in September, a group of Iowa State University students calling themselves Students Against Bigotry formed a protest against Trump’s anti-immigrant remarks in the parking lot of a university game. One protestor, named Jovani Rubio, held a poster that read, "our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." One brave, blonde woman wearing an Iowa State University shirt walked up to Rubio and tore his sign in half to the cheers of at least one bro. The woman was later identified as Shelby Mueller, 20, from West Des Moines. Not surprisingly, Mueller is not a college student. She later apologized in a statement saying, "I love all people. I am a Christian, and I understand what I did was wrong. It is my job to love people, and not to judge them."

And it’s not just non-Latinos who are jumping on the anti-immigrant bandwagon. In October, Trump held a rally in Doral, Florida, just outside of Miami, where he told the crowd that he wasn’t sure if he should talk about building a wall on the Mexican border in Doral, a largely Latino neighborhood, but the crowd assured him it was A-OK. He then said that Hispanics are some of the most ardent supporters of his idea to build a wall (an idea that has already been done, by the way?). And, alas, it’s true that hypocrisy is no stranger to the Latino community.

"The immigration that has come here over the past 20 years has been junk," Oscar Amor, a 72-year-old Cuban American from Miami Lakes, who wore an unofficial Trump t-shirt and cap, told a friend before turning to a reporter. “Trump says things the way they are. He says what the other politicians would like to say.”

At the Doral event, immigrants' rights protesters were spit upon, called savages and physically dragged out of the event while Trump supporters chanted, "U-S-A! U-S-A!"

Trump even endorsed the physical assaults in his speech. "See the first group, I was nice. Oh, take your time," he said. "The second group, I was pretty nice. The third group, I'll be a little more violent. And the fourth group, I'll say get the hell out of here!"

The Miami Herald reported that many Latinos in the crowd were there to support Trump, proving that we must be vigilant against this kind of political movement in our country because all human beings are susceptible to hatred and ignorance. A candidate who, once upon a time, would have been covered in the media as the ringleader of fringe hate groups is now being touted as a viable candidate for the president of the United States! Have we lost our minds?

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