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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Donald Trump Blasted As ‘Immigrant Bashing Carnival Barker’ By Martin O’Malley

TV Newsroom
November 16, 2015

Martin O’Malley, a progressive Democrat who has been trying to run to the left of Hillary Clinton, won applause during Saturday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa by referring to Republican Donald Trump as an “immigrant-bashing carnival barker”. One topic that got former governor Martin O’Malley specifically riled up was immigration reform, and he was quick to reveal that he doesn’t have anything nice to say about republican candidate Donald Trump.

The former Maryland governor noted that net immigration from Mexico previous year was zero, after drawing a distinction between border security and a comprehensive immigration policy. “Go ahead, check it out”. His visit, organized by America’s Voice, United We Dream Action and the Center for Community Change Action/Fair Immigration Reform Movement, came just days after a federal court blocked deferred action programs.

He said Clinton has played a “sort of cynical game, where you say one thing to one crowd and use the term ‘illegal immigrants, ‘ and then turn around to another crowd and switch your messaging and talk about ‘new Americans.’ I always say ‘new Americans, ‘ O’Malley said”.

O’Malley also says his Democratic opponents haven’t gone far enough to address the issue of immigration.

During and after the meal, which O’Malley said was the best he’d had on the campaign trail, he tried to distinguished himself as the most compassionate candidate when it comes to immigration reform.

Martin O’Malley (D).

On Thursday, O’Malley went beyond the rhetoric, becoming the first presidential hopeful to accept the #DAPAdinner initiative“s open invitation encouraging candidates to break bread-or, in this case, chilaquiles and frijoles-with partially undocumented immigrant families”.

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