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Friday, October 23, 2015

Bernie Sanders Attracts César Vargas, Yet Another Top Immigration Activist 'Feeling The Burn'

Latin Times
By Cedar Attanasio
October 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders has hired Dreamer and immigration law activist César Vargas, according to Univision who broke the news on Thursday. He revealed some of his personal connections with Sanders and additional circumstances that drew him to work on his campaign.

“Like me, Sanders is originally from Brooklyn; we even studied at the same high school,” he told Univision.

It’s hard to overstate Vargas’ place in the Dreamer activist community. Many dreamers have fought to make it through undergraduate programs without legal permission or government loans. Vargas fought all the way through law school, and even trounced haters at the New York Bar Association, becoming the first immigrant in the country to legally practice law in that state.

He's also Co-Founder of the Dream Action Coalition, a respected advocacy organization. Now, he’s competing with fellow Dreamers who have endorse Sanders’ rivals, arguing that he is the best choice for the democratic nomination.

“I think that Senator [Sanders] took a step further than the rest,” he told Univision. “No only did he meet with Dreamers because they are good people, as Hillary Clinton has said, but he also included us in his team in order to make sure that his platform includes the issues and the needs of our community.”

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