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Friday, September 07, 2012

Los Tigres deo Norte Backs President Obama, Latino Voters

By Reed Johnson
September 6, 2012


The Mexican supergroup Los Tigres del Norte is already taking part in a campaign to encourage U.S. Latinos to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Now it turns out that that includes some members of the Sinaloa band itself. Leader Jorge Hernández, who has dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship, told the Mexico City newspaper El Universal in an interview that he plans to cast a U.S. presidential election ballot for the first time this fall.

"This will be my debut for voting in the United States. I like the idea," Hernández told the newspaper. He also said that Los Tigres will make an appearance on behalf of the Democratic Party within the next two weeks.

"We don't know if Obama will go, but we will do it because we believe more in his proposal and his support than in that of Romney," Hernández said. "Things were not very favorable in the Obama administration, but we have faith that he will honor the things he promised to Latinos."

Meanwhile, the band has another big date of its own this autumn: a concert at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional, building on the momentum of last year's MTV "Unplugged" album that featured guest appearances by Puerto Rican urban-hip-hoppers Calle 13, Colombian rocker Juanes and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine.


Rimi said...

All them Mexicans will leave Arizona now. Good luck finding Americans who want to work on the orange fields. White people in Arizona will be working on the grape fields for $2/hr, they will be working in the chicken and fish factories for minimum wage and if those companies can't find cheap labors, they will move out of Arizona. At least 20% of Arizona's population is Latino and with them leaving, it will hurt their economy really bad. lt's a lose... lose situation for Arizona and Texas is next. read more

Rimi said...
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