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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Trump says Biden’s to blame for migrant ‘invasion’ during visit to South Texas border

EDINBURG, Texas (Border Report) — Former President Donald Trump emphasized the need for border security and tougher immigration policies, and he praised Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott during a visit Sunday to the South Texas border. Democratic-led cities pay for migrants’ tickets to other places as resources dwindle “He is doing what the federal government is supposed to be doing and I am telling you, Mr. Governor: I am going to make your job much easier. You’ll be able to focus on other things in Texas. We love Texas and what they’ve done is very unfair. They’ve given the job to you; It’s a job of security for our country. It’s a job of stopping an invasion because it’s an invasion,” Trump said after passing out holiday meals to border law enforcement, including the Texas Army National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers. Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump poses for a photo with a Texas state …Read More Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump helps serve food to Texas National Guard …Read More Abbott on Sunday announced he was endorsing Trump again for the Republican presidential nomination. “Joe Biden has failed at national security. I’m here to tell you that there is no way — no way — that American can continue under the leadership of Joe Biden,” Abbott said. ” We need a president who will secure the border. We need a president who will restore law and order in the United States of America.” Abbott said that when he was president, Trump reduced levels of migrants crossing the border illegally from Mexico into Texas by implementing the “Remain in Mexico,” or Migrant Protection Protocols program; eliminating “catch and release;” stopping asylum-seekers from crossing onto U.S. soil via Title 42 during the pandemic, and building miles of border wall along the Rio Grande. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, left, listens as Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump, right, speaks to Texas state troopers and guardsmen during a Thanksgiving meal at the South Texas International Airport, Sunday, Nov. 19 … Read More “And then in came Joe Biden and Joe Biden eliminated all those policies that were put in place by President Trump and because of that what has happened to our country has been catastrophic,” Abbott said. Abbott referenced the record 2.4 million migrant encounters along the Southwest border in Fiscal Year 2023, which ended in September. This followed historic levels the previous fiscal year of 2.3 million encounters, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data. “Our country is going to hell,” said Trump, who lost to Biden in 2020. (CBP Graphic) Trump stressed that border infrastructure, like a border wall, deters illegal entries into the country. “Wheels and walls work. We don’t need the wheels but we need the walls and they work,” Trump said. Woman seriously injured after falling from border wall in Lower Valley He congratulated Abbott for Texas spending billions to build miles of border wall, and sending troopers to patrol the Rio Grande as part of Operation Lone Star. “Texas is having to step up at a level they’ve never had to do before,” Trump said, adding if he wins the party’s nomination and re-election then: “We’re going to take over the border and make it the most secure border in our history.” Supporters wait to greet Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump at the South Texas …Read More Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump, left, shakes hands with Texas Gov. Greg …Read More “Your great governor has done everything in his power to do for this state,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said in introducing Abbott on Sunday. “And what’s funny is that the more he does a great job, the more the woke mob, fueled by the mainstream media goes after him.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorses Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump during an event at the South Texas … Read More Abbott accused Biden of “fighting back against his own Border Patrol.” For more information, visit us at https://www.beverlyhillsimmigrationlaw.com/.

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