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Friday, July 15, 2022

699 migrant border deaths under Biden’s watch: Sheriffs

Nearly 700 migrants trying to reach the United States have died from drowning or dehydration at the border since President Joe Biden entered the White House, according to border sheriffs. In data provided exclusively to Secrets, law enforcement from 33 counties in Texas and Arizona said they have found 699 bodies of migrants since January 2021. “Cartels are using our southern border as a revolving door for death,” outgoing National Sheriffs’ Association President Vernon Stanforth said at the group’s recent convention in Kansas City. A law enforcement source said the death count is just beginning. “That’s just the numbers we’ve compiled. Many counties responded with data. Several others are too inundated with border challenges to respond, but we expect a more expansive report in months ahead,” said the source. The National Security Agency is targeting death data from the 23 counties directly on the border and those adjacent to it. The sheriffs said the administration’s policies are drawing historic numbers to the border, claims verified by official federal border data. Asked how most died, the source said, “Dehydration in the deserts in the area of Arizona to drowning in the Rio Grande in Texas.” Brooks County, Texas, Sheriff Benny Martinez told Secrets that the “Biden administration's lawlessness is contributing to undue death and destruction. Brooks County currently retains 62 bodies of dead migrants.” Officals from Brooks County, which reported the most deaths to the NSA Border Committee, said they found 119 bodies of immigrants last year and 42 so far. Some counties said their sheriff's departments do not collect bodies. And Yuma County, Arizona, Sheriff Leon Wilmot added, “It is concerning to me that this administration is touting saving lives by trying to take away a citizen's 2nd Amendment rights, and yet this same administration is responsible for the deaths of 35 victims in my county this calendar year. This is a direct result of this administration's failed policies and their steadfast refusal to enforce the law and secure our southern border.” Upon Biden's inauguration, the administration immediately began dismantling former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, including stopping the construction of the border wall. Experts said that signaled open season on the border, and illegal immigrants poured over in historic numbers, with some dying along the way. The media haven't hit the Biden administration hard for the deaths of those crossing like they did during the Trump years. For more information, contact us at: http://www.beverlyhillsimmigrationlaw.com/index.html

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