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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clinton: Trump's wall with Mexico will never happen

The Hill
By Jesse Byrnes
April 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday cast doubt that Mexico would ever pay to build GOP contender Donald Trump's proposed wall on the U.S. southern border.

Clinton, during a speech before the North America's Building Trades Unions conference in Washington, said her policy proposals were realistic.

"It's a real plan, with real dollars attached to it," Clinton said, speaking of an energy proposal.

"It's not building a wall that you're going to get the Mexican government to pay for – which, you know, somehow I don't think will ever happen."

Trump last week insisted that Mexico would foot the bill for his proposed wall "in one form or another" after the White House knocked his plan for funding the project.

He has floated blocking remittances, or money transfers, from immigrants in the U.S. to back home to push the Mexican government to pay for the wall, which he's estimated will cost roughly $8 billion.

Mexico has also dismissed Trump's calls.

“Mexico will not pay for that wall, not only because it doesn’t make any sense for either Mexico or the U.S. to enter into that type of threat rhetoric, but it’s also a matter of dignity,” Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray told Bloomberg over the weekend for a story published this week.

“There’s no way in which Mexico can be bullied into doing such a thing," he added.

Clinton used her speech at the conference Tuesday to argue that Trump and GOP candidate Ted Cruz would undermine the nation's middle class. She also mocked Trump's rhetoric on waterboarding and Cruz's call for monitoring Muslim communities in the U.S.

"It makes it sound like they’re in over their heads,” Clinton said.

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