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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cruz firms up immigration stance, tapping Steve King as national campaign chairman

Dallas Morning News
By Christina Ayala
January 6, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz has tapped fellow immigration hardliner Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, as his campaign’s national co-chairman, serving as a campaign surrogate as the Iowa caucuses near.

King endorsed Cruz in November, calling him the remedy to restore the country’s “soul.” King has also joined Cruz’s 28-county tour this week.

“Ted Cruz understands that we’ve got to secure our border and we’ve got to restore the rule of law,” King said endorsing Cruz.

King has long been an opponent of comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Cruz also recently noted that King and fellow immigration-hardliner Sen. Jeff Sessions molded the campaign’s immigration plan.

Cruz is the candidate to beat in King’s home state of Iowa, topping state polls for a month, easily ahead of national front-runner Donald Trump.

The move to promote King comes as Cruz hardens his stance on immigration and how to deal with people in the country illegally, aiming to contrast both Trump and rival Sen. Marco Rubio.

Cruz recently argued that he is tougher on immigration than Trump, because he opposes reentry for any of the roughly 11 millions people in the United States without permission, if deported. Trump has often encouraged those he plans to deport to later try entering the country legally.

King, a member of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, said Trump is even taking from Cruz’s play book on immigration.

“Trump’s policy is 11 pages, it’s detailed, and it cites legislation that’s been introduced — some by me, some by (Alabama Sen.) Jeff Sessions, some by Ted Cruz,” King told Newsmax TV in December.

Although Cruz is careful when noting differences between him and Trump, he has gone after Rubio far more aggressively. The two have sparred over immigration policy for months. Cruz has called Rubio an amnesty supporter, while he has called for no form of legalization or path to citizenship for anyone in the country illegally.

King furthers that message, being a strong conservative voice on immigration. He has even said he ‘appreciated’ Trump call to ban Muslim immigrants, for expanding the conversation. Many others in Congress, including Cruz, shunned the idea.

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