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Friday, December 18, 2015

Celebrity Chef José Andrés Urges Immigrants to Become Citizens

National Journal
By Alexia Fernandez Campbell
December 17, 2015

Famed Spanish restaurateur and chef José An­drés ar­rived in the United States in 1991 with $50 and a set of cooking knives. Now he has 21 res­taur­ants across the coun­try in places like Miami and Wash­ing­ton.

An­drés, who be­came a U.S. cit­izen two years ago, is one of Pres­id­ent Obama’s first of­fi­cial am­bas­sad­ors for cit­izen­ship and naturalization. This pretty much means that he is tasked with in­spir­ing and en­cour­aging eli­gible im­mig­rants to take the oath of cit­izen­ship.

The White House cam­paign is part of Obama’s Task Force on New Amer­ic­ans, a new gov­ern­ment-wide ef­fort to aimed at bet­ter in­teg­rat­ing im­mig­rants and refugees in­to Amer­ic­an com­munit­ies (and pre­sum­ably, in­creas­ing the num­ber of eli­gible voters).

Re­cent im­mig­ra­tion data shows that more than 8 mil­lion people are eli­gible to be­come U.S. cit­izens, but haven’t taken the leap. That in­cludes more than 3 mil­lion refugees who have re­settled in the United States since 1975.

An­drés ar­rived from North­ern Spain on an E-2 in­vestor visa, and has be­come an out­spoken ad­voc­ate for im­mig­rants and crit­ic of Don­ald Trump’s anti-im­mig­rant rhet­or­ic.

In a video released this week by the White House, An­drés urged viewers to take the step to becoming American citizens.

“Don’t wait, do it,” An­drés said. “You are help­ing move Amer­ica for­ward. You are part of the DNA of what Amer­ica is all about. You need to become a citizen because  we need you to keep be­ing a part of everything you’ve been fight­ing for.”

An­drés is one of the first four cit­izen­ship ambassadors picked by the White House. These are the other three:

Grammy Award-win­ning sing­er Dave Mat­thews, who was born in South Africa and moved to the United States when he was 18.

Act­ress Di­ane Guer­rero, known for play­ing the roles of Mar­itza Ramos on the Net­flix series Or­ange is the New Black and Lina on Jane the Vir­gin. Guer­rero’s fam­ily is from Colom­bia and she grew up in Bo­ston.

Fernando Valen­zuela, base­ball play­er and sports broad­caster. Valen­zuela, a nat­ive of Mex­ico, pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the early 1980s and led the team to the World Series. In Ju­ly, he and his wife became American citizens.

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