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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hispanic Caucus Backs Off Thanksgiving Deadline on Immigration

Wall Street Journal
By Laura Meckler
September 16, 2014

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is backing off its demand that President Barack Obama act by Thanksgiving on executive action aimed at repairing the immigration system. Instead, the group is set to approve a resolution calling for action by the end of the holiday season, a timetable in line with what Mr. Obama is now promising.

The Hispanic lawmakers met this month with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to complain about Mr. Obama’s decision to punt executive action, which is to include a ratcheting back of deportations, until after the midterm elections. They asked that Mr. Obama act by Thanksgiving, but were told instead that the new deadline was by the end of the holiday season. That’s in line with what Mr. Obama had initially said.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were left with a choice: either back Mr. Obama up, or reflect concerns of many of their constituents and of immigrant rights groups and protest the change.

The group plans to issue a resolution on the issue. Some wanted to stick with the original demand that Mr. Obama take action immediately after election day. But others argued that wasn’t realistic given what Mr. McDonough had told them, and given that there could be a runoff in early December of the Louisiana Senate race, an aide said. “The CHC would like action ASAP, but as a practical matter, they know it is not likely to come before December.”

On Tuesday, the caucus’ immigration subcommittee approved a resolution calling for action after the elections but before the end of the holiday season. The full caucus is expected to approve the document on Thursday.

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