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Monday, February 28, 2011

Republicans Must Walk Fine Line on Immigration

New York Times: The growth of the state’s Hispanic population and the rise of immigration as a political issue puts Texas Republicans in a tight spot. It’s clear in the polls, on the political stump, on the news, at rallies and in the aisles of the Legislature that voters strongly support tougher enforcement of immigration laws and that conservative and white voters strongly support more restrictions and fewer benefits for illegal immigrants and their children. It’s also clear that Hispanic voters — part of the fastest-growing group in the state’s population — don’t agree with their fellow Texans on many of those issues. Can Republicans keep their current voters happy without alienating the Hispanics they hope will support them in statewide races in the future? This isn’t new. When George W. Bush was governor, he was careful with immigration issues. He had watched California Republicans run some tough-nosed campaigns on immigration that resulted in a backlash that helped the Democrats take over their state government. Mr. Bush also wanted to bring Hispanics into the Republican Party, to win their votes and to unravel the historical ties between those voters and Texas Democrats. When Gov. Rick Perry talks about immigration, he doesn’t talk about immigration. He talks about border security and other law enforcement-related subjects like sanctuary cities. He’s not anti-immigration, just pro-law enforcement. Mexico’s drug gangs haven’t hurt the argument for border security, either: Mr. Perry’s ads on the subject in 2006 were so effective that he used them again in 2010.

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